• Weybourne Hope 2 29Jun13 020

     Weybourne Hope, where the shingle spit of Blakeney Point meets the cliff. The old saying ‘He who would all England win, should at Weybourne Hope begin’ refers to the deep inshore water that would allow ships to unload troops and stores here in the event of an invasion.


  • Weybourne windmill

    A well preserved windmill stands on the right-hand side of the road as you enter Weybourne on the A149 from Sheringham. The Windmill was built in 1850 and consists of five storey’s built from red brick. When it was in operation the sails, which are now fixed in an easterly direction, powered three  pairs of overdriven millstones.

  • Weybourne Priory 29Jun13 007


    The priory was founded as a house of Augustinian canons towards the end of the 12th or at the beginning of the 13th century.  The monument includes the remains of the priory church dating from the early 13th to the 15th century but incorporating parts of an earlier church dated to the 11th century.

  • Weybourne All Saints Church 29Jun13 004

    All Saints is by no means the most exciting church on the North Norfolk Coast but it intrigues because it was the church of a major Priory and the remains of the Priory buildings survive to the North and the East.

  • The Ship Inn

    Weybourne Ship Inn 29Jun13 038

    On The Street, Weybourne, this charming Pub and Restaurant offers modern British cuisine with strong influences from the North Norfolk coastline.
    An ever changing range of beers all brewed in Norfolk, is always on offer.

    Weybourne Ship Inn front 29Jun13 028







  • Village Sign

    Weybourne Village Sign

    The signpost that greets you as you enter the village. The sign will repay close examination as it contains lots of elements. The agricultural roots of the village, a train on the “Poppy Line”, a windmill, the church, Boudicca are all referenced.


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