• WPC Minutes January 2018

    Weybourne Parish Council
    Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on
    Wednesday, 3rd January, 2018. (7.30pm) at the Village Hall, Weybourne.

    Present: Pat Floyd (Chair), Robin Woodhouse, David Heley, and the Clerk.
    Also present were D.Young (NNDC), S.Butikofer (NCC), PC.Gower-Smith, and two members of the public.

    1a. To receive and consider apologies
    Apologies were received and accepted from P.Gallally, R.Gallally, P.Taylor, W.Wood, J.Rose, and A.Crawford.

    1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on Agenda items
    PF and DH declared an interest in 9(b).

    2. To approve the minutes of the meeting held 6/12/17.
    The minutes, which had already been circulated, were agreed as a true record subject to one amendment. At 3(b) delete “VAS” and insert “SAM2”

    3a. Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items)
    No requests to speak on agenda items.

    3b. To receive reports from County & District Councillors.
    *** D.Young (NNDC) reported on the following :- (a) improved sports facilities at Cromer and development plans for Splash in Sheringham had been confirmed by full council (b) fees and charges had been agreed for the next financial year (c) 5% discount on council tax had been abolished for second homes (d) new chairman had been appointed recently to the councils committees (e) the cable route for the proposed windfarm looked likely to be the third route i.e. further west via Muckleburgh and going thro Kelling (f) warnings re walking dogs on the beach following a recent death of a dog that appeared to have eaten something found on the shoreline (f) the car park repairs were completed before Christmas.
    *** S.Butikofer (NCC) reported on the following :- (a) there had been another recent defection from the Conservative Party (b) NCC consultations re reduced bus subsidies, reduced gritting, and plans for libraries were now closed (c) SB had referred the mistake regarding the white line in Station Road (see 6b) to the NCC Highways Engineer. (d) her party had proposed using £200k pa. from reserves to support the local police by appointing five new beat officers.

    3c. To receive Police Report.
    PCSO.Gower-Smith reported the following :- There had been three calls to the police since the last meeting but no recorded crimes in the period. He was pleased to hear SB’s proposals re new beat officers as he had found the PCSOs incredibly useful and they would be missed. The Chair thanked him for his comments and PC.Gower-Smith left the meeting.

    4. Finance:
    (a) To approve invoices for payment:-
    P.Bullimore £248.69 (clerks salary), HMRC £62.20 (tax on clerks salary)
    Weybourne V.Hall £16.00 (hire of hall), P.Bullimore £30.74 (clerks expenses)
    E-on £51.39 (electricity), E.Farrow £45.00 (VAS maintenance)
    *** The payments, as scheduled on the agenda, and listed above, plus one urgent payment, were approved. The urgent payment was in the sum of £892.92 payable to R.J.Bacon Builders for repairing the damaged churchyard wall.

    5. Planning:
    (a) To note information/decisions received from NNDC since last meeting
    Nothing received.
    (b) To consider planning applications received since agenda was printed.
    CDA/16/1625; Discharge of conditions 8,9, & 11 re the entrance splay etc..(The Parishes, The Street).
    PF/17/1553; Extn. etc at The Gullies, The Street, Weybourne.
    The above would be dealt with using the PC’s new policy whereby members contacted the Clerk individually in order that he conveys the overall viw of members to the NNDC., Planning Department.
    (c) To consider NNDCs “Deep History Coast” survey.
    Members confirmed that the previous discussion confirmed the best position for the “Discovery Point”. (south-east of the car park on the grass area)
    (d) To receive update re consultation by Orsted on Hornsea Windfarm
    DH reported on his attendance at the recent meeting for PCs on 13/12/17 and confirmed D.Young’s thoughts that the preferred route would be the “Kelling Route” therefore Weybourne would miss out on the predicted disruption over what could be many years. Members welcomed this news.
    (e) To receive update re Affordable Housing
    Nothing further to report.
    (f) To receive update re “paperless” planning consultation system.
    A review/workshop was being held at the NNDC offices on 13/2/18 and the Clerk hoped to attend and report back to members.
    (g) To consider a Neighbourhood Plan for Weybourne.
    The Norfolk Coast Partnership was holding a “spring event” to try and encourage PCs to get involved with neighbourhood plans. Members agreed to have a representative at the event and the Clerk would notify the NCP accordingly.

    6. Highways & Footpath matters:
    (a) To receive update re the restoration of the pond in Beach Lane
    The Chair reported that she and the Clerk attended a meeting on 14/12/17 with representatives of all interested parties. Further details were agreed and a written report, prepared by Kate Dougan of the Norfolk Coast Partnership, would follow.
    (b) To receive update re white lines at western end of Station Rd & Church Street
    The contractors had put the white line in the wrong place and had not extended it into Station Road for 10m as had been agreed. S.Butikofer (NCC) had already stated earlier (see 3b) that she had referred the matter to the Highways Engineer.

    7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)
    No new announcements.
    8. Allotments:
    (a) To receive report re allotments (RW) (b) To consider hiring a skip for allots.
    (a) RW reported that he intended to have a bonfire thereby disposing of much of the rubbish. The notice board was to be repaired soon.
    (b) Members agreed to RWs proposal that he uses his truck instead of hiring a skip.

    9. Village Hall:
    (a) To receive report re Village Hall (PF)
    PF reported that it had been a quiet spell for hirings around Christmas.
    (b) To receive report re old trust deed & legal/financial responsibilities for V.Hall
    PF summarised the situation and reiterated that she thought that in the long term the village hall would be better run and financially secure with the PC taking responsibility. The Clerk had spoken with the PCs solicitors (Butcher Andrews) who had informed him verbally that the current situation would not be easy to untangle, bearing in mind the wording of the old trust deed. He had stated that the PC should not take any further steps, thereby avoiding his legal costs, until the Village Hall Trustees had all signed a letter stating that this was their wish and their considered way forward.

    10. Cemetery & Churchyard:
    (a) To note damage & receive update re churchyard wall.
    The invoice had been paid (R.J.Bacon, Builders – £892.92) and would now be referred to the lorry owners insurers to refund the PCs costs.
    D.Heley volunteered to repair the latch on the east gate.

    11. Harry Dawson Playing Field:
    (a) To receive report re HDPF (PT).
    PT had offered her apologies.

    12. Weybourne Community Fund: To receive report re WCF (RW)
    RW reported that the childrens party had gone well.

    13. Governance: (a) To receive update re new Data Protection Regs
    The Clerk would be circulating further information for consideration.

    14. To receive General Correspondence. (not included on agenda)
    A Christmas card had been received from N.Lamb MP.

    15. Public Participation (comments/other matters)
    No comments or other matters.

    16. To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items
    This was confirmed for Wednesday, 7th February, 2018 – 7.30pm.
    D.Heley offered his apologies for the Feb.meeting.

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