WPC Minutes November 2018

Weybourne Parish Council

MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting held on
Wednesday, 7th November, 2018. (7.30pm) at the village hall.


Present: Pat Floyd (Chair), Walter Wood, Janice Rose, Robin Woodhouse,
Andy Crawford, Lyndon Swift, Penny Taylor, and the Clerk. Also present were
D.Young (NNDC), three members of the public, and the newly appointed clerk,
Catherine Fletcher.

1a. To receive and consider apologies
Apologies were received and accepted from P.Gallally and R.Gallally. Apologies were also received from PC.Gower-Smith.

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on Agenda items
No interests declared on agenda items.

1c. To note appointment of new Parish Clerk.
Following interviews and receipt of satisfactory references Catherine Fletcher had been appointed Clerk with effect from 1/12/18. The salary, expenses, and other terms and conditions would be the same as the current clerk, and Catherine had written confirming her acceptance of the position. The Chair welcomed her to the meeting.

2a. To approve the minutes of the meeting held 3/10/18.
The minutes, which had already been circulated, were accepted as a true record.

3a. Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items)
A parishioner requested to speak at item 8 (Allotments).

3b. To receive reports from County & District Councillors.
*** D.Young (NNDC) reported on the following :- (a) half-way through the current financial year officers had reported an underspend of £160k, however an overall deficit was forecast for 2019/20 (£319k). This would increase to £2.1m in 2022/23.
(b) the current contract with Citizens Advice, Mid-Norfolk was to be extended by 15 months (c) a variation of Norfolk-wide arrangements for re-cycling has been agreed.
(d) car parks would be free of charge on 11/11/18 (Remembrance Day). (e) Planning permission now granted for the replacement Splash Leisure Centre. (f) Summary of the new Local Plan meetings held recently. (g) sad news of the death of Wyndham Northam (Mundesley member).

3c. To receive Police Report.
The “Cluster” newsletter continues to be received.

4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment:-
P.Bullimore £255.70 (clerks salary), HMRC £63.80 (tax on clerks salary)
Weybourne V.Hall £16.00 (hire of hall), P.Bullimore £37.62 (clerks expenses)
E-on £58.40 (electricity), Morston PC. £5.58 (photocopying), S.Meakin £19.20
(files), NNDC £1,351.28 (cost of by-election), P.Bullimore £248.50 (holiday pay)
The payments as above, and scheduled on the agenda, plus three other payments, were approved. The other payments were as follows :- Community Heartbeat Trust £45.60 (defibrillator pads), Secret Gardens £76.00 (grass cutting), and NNDC £823.68 (dog bin emptying)
(b) To consider donation to N.Norfolk Community Transport.
Following recent discussions regarding local community transport, and the knowledge that a service was providing transport to and from Weybourne, members agreed to donate £500.

5. Planning:
(a) To note information/decisions received from NNDC since last meeting
Nothing received.
(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda was printed.
None received.
(c) To receive update re Hornsea Windfarm.
No further news (still being considered by the Planning Inspectorate).
(d) To receive update re Affordable Housing
A new site had been identified off Beach Lane and NNDC, along with a representative from Hastoe Housing, had been to view the site. The Clerk had emailed members (4/11/18) identifying the land, and after discussion, it was agreed to invite representatives of NNDC and Hastoe Housing to the next meeting to give more information. Extra posters, as well as the agenda, would be placed on the notice board to keep the public informed.
(e) To note PC responses re PF/18/1869 and PF/18/1880.
The PC’s response was “no objections” on both of these applications – Noted.

6. Highways & Footpath matters:
(a) To receive update re the restoration of the pond in Beach Lane
Norfolk Coast Partnership, that is leading this project, had informed the Clerk of the following:- (a) total cost of project could be approx. £12k (b) the Norfolk Rivers Trust will carry out project management (c) there will be legal agreement re access to the pond using a boardwalk (d) there is another project in the pipeline whereby the Environment Agency will be working on Spring Beck (trying to reduce the speed of the waterflow thro the village). Noted by members.
(b) To receive update re the state of the beach
The Clerk read his email addressed to S.Butikofer (NNDC) and H.Cox (NNDC) regarding the delay and lack of answers, and also the main points from SB’s response. Members instructed the Clerk to write yet again stating that members were still waiting for a meeting or some action regarding this matter. He was particularly asked to enquire as to whether the old tractor and boat were to be removed.
(c) To receive update re road signs in the village
NCC Highways had responded to the Clerks email as follows:- (a) pedestrian warning signs are only used when there is regular pedestrian activity; the signs would not be appropriate near the cemetery (b) refreshing the red road surface nr.the cemetery could not be carried out as the cost was too prohibitive; this was now NCC Highways policy (c) the cyclists sign would be lowered on Station Rd nr.the station. Members were not happy, particularly with (a) as they believed pedestrians used the area regularly. The Clerk was asked to write asking what signage would be appropriate to warn of pedestrians near the cemetery.
(d) To note/consider illegal signs on verges (JR)
A private business had put out signs all over the Sheringham area advertising their latest sale in Salthouse. NCC Highways had not got the “manpower” to remove them although permission had not been given by them. It was agreed that future advertising boards could be removed after the Clerk had confirmation that permission to place them on verges had not been granted.
(e) To consider /note Highways Parish Partnership Scheme – 2019/20.
It was agreed to remove this matter from the agenda.
(f) To note/consider the cuts on winter bus timetables
LS stated that the cuts are serious with the last bus from Sheringham leaving during mid-afternoon. He said that people are being encouraged not to use cars but use public transport, which in this area is becoming very difficult. The Clerk was instructed to write to S.Butikofer (NCC) asking for an update and enquiring as to what can be done.
(g) To consider proposed bollards on verge nr Jericho House, Station Road.
The Clerk was asked to reply to NCC Highways stating the increased costs for the grass cutting contractor but more importantly the parish councils concerns re the loss of further verge parking in the village. A local resident had not had problems over many years with this access to Station Road and members wished to point out that there had been no history of accidents. Parking on the verge, south of Station Road, had gone on for years.

7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)
PF, LS, and the Clerk attended the NNDC Local Plan update on 30/10/18. There would be consultations re the new local plan in the new year.

8. Allotments:
(a) To receive report re allotments (RW)
The Clerk had received a negative response from Kelling School re having an allotment although LS informed the meeting that their decision may have changed. An email from a parishioner/allotment holder had been received asking for a plan/layout of the allotments to be displayed on the allotment gardens notice board. The parishioner confirmed her request when she spoke and also asked for better communication between tenants and the parish council. It was agreed that AC would assist RW and they would be joint co-ordinators for the allotments to try and rectify some of the problems. The possibility of hiring a rotavator was agreed when the need arises, to try and assist people when taking on vacant plots.

9. Village Hall:
(a) To receive report re Village Hall.
A report had been emailed to members on 25/10/18.
(b) To receive update re dead tree nr entrance to village hall.
The NNDC Tree Officer had told the Clerk that the tree needed to be felled and a local contractor had been appointed to carry out the work subject to written confirmation from NNDC. The works were due to be carried out on 22/11/18 at a cost of £740. (the contractor to retain the wood and clear the site).

10. Cemetery & Churchyard:
(a) To receive update re path through the Churchyard to the east gate.
Path to be considered by PCC later next year.

11. Harry Dawson Playing Field: (a) To receive report re HDPF (PT).
PT reported on another good bingo fund raising evening.
12. Weybourne Community Fund: To receive report re WCF (RW)
RW reminded members of the childrens xmas party on 9/12/18 which would be followed by the older peoples party.

13. Governance: To receive update re Data Protection Regulations.
The audit of old records held was still going on.

14. To receive update re installations for Deep History Coast
The Clerk read his email of 11/10/18 addressed to D.Young (NNDC) and S.Butikofer (NCC) expressing real concerns re the increased number of visitors visiting the area without any provision of toilets. There was no real news other than SB had said that there was now more awareness of the need for toilets at this site.

15. To receive General Correspondence. (not included on agenda)
Brochure re play/gym equipment – handed to PT.

16. Public Participation (comments/other matters)
Concerns were expressed re overflowing dog bins – D.Young (NNDC) to follow up

17. To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items
This was to be fixed by the Chair as soon as she had investigated the possibility of using the hall on another evening; possibly Thursday, 6/12/18. The Budget/Precept 2019-20 would be on the agenda for consideration.

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