WPC Minutes September 2017

Weybourne Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on
Wednesday, 6th September, 2017 (7.30pm) at the Village Hall, Weybourne.

Present: Pat Floyd (Chair), Walter Wood, Janice Rose, Peter Gallally, Ruth Gallally,
Robin Woodhouse, David Heley, Penny Taylor, and the Clerk. Also present were
D.Young (NNDC), S.Butikofer (NCC), and five members of the public.

1a. To receive and consider apologies
Apologies were received and accepted from Andy Crawford. Apologies were also received from PCSO.Jonas.

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on Agenda items
PF and DH declared an interest in item 9(b).

2. To approve the minutes of the meeting held 7/8/17.
The minutes, which had already been circulated, were agreed as a true record.

3a. Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items)
No requests to speak on agenda items.

3b. To receive reports from County & District Councillors.
D.Young (NNDC) reported on the following :- (a) anti-social behaviour and other incidents in Cromer relating to travellers; letter to Government re required change in the legislation (b) Green-Build weekend and the Graham Allen Awards (c) a possible third cable route from Dong Energy; consultation day on 7/9/17 (d) sporting centre of excellence at Greshams School (e) Cabinet considering alternative use for Benjamin Court.

3c. To receive Police Report.
Report via email :- Two recorded crimes since the last meeting (criminal damage to a vehicle and common assault).

4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment:-
P.Bullimore £248.69 (clerks salary), HMRC £62.20 (tax on clerks salary)
Weybourne V.Hall £16.00 (hire of hall), P.Bullimore £30.50 (clerks expenses)
E-on £53.10 (electricity – lights), Anglian Water Business £67.65 (allotmt. Water)
Secret Gardens £114.00 (grass cutting), Mazars LLP £120.00 (external audit fee).
*** The payments, as scheduled on the agenda and listed above, were approved.
(b) To note External Auditors Report for year to 31/3/17.
The Clerk read the satisfactory external auditors report and certificate to members. Copies of the returns would be placed on the notice board and posted on the website along with a notice regarding electors rights to inspect and obtain copies. Noted.

5. Planning:
(a) To note information/decisions received from NNDC since last meeting
Nothing received.

(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda was printed.
PF/17/1407; Retention of roof lights in loft conversion at 24, Pine Walk.
Members agreed “no objections” to this application.
NP/17/1405; Prior notification to erect a replacement storage building at Breck Farm.
This was noted.
(c) To receive & consider update re 25 & 25a Pine Walk.
The Clerk had emailed members regarding the appeal which was to be allowed by the Planning Inspectorate. D.Young (NNDC) had also communicated this to members and expressed his own views on the matter.
(d) To note & consider the consultation by Dong Energy on Hornsea Windfarm
DH and the Clerk had attended a meeting at NNDC updating parishes on the project and both were concerned with the news that the scheme could be phased over 11 – 12 years. The cable route, at the time of this meeting, was still undecided. There was a long discussion with the Chair asking the basic question “why Weybourne again ?”. PG suggested the cable goes further west from Weybourne and health concerns were raised. The Chair reminded members of the consultation day at the village hall the next day (7/9/17) when Dong Energy representatives would be available to answer questions. It was agreed that the Clerk responds to the Consultation document as follows (a) question why the village of Weybourne is being disrupted again (b) concerns re the phasing of the project which could last up to 11 – 12 years (c) the need to use one corridor only and the concerns re risks to peoples health (d) the need for a compensation fund whereby villages like Weybourne could benefit financially.
(e) To receive update re Affordable Housing
There was no further news regarding this matter.
(f) PF/17/1116; Demolition of extn & erectn of 2 storey extn at The Folly, Street.
Following discussion it was agreed to object to this application as members thought the increase in the size was disproportionate to the existing dwelling. D.Young was minded to refer this application to committee.

6. Highways & Footpath matters:
(a) To receive update re “gates” near 30mph signs adjacent to cemetery on A149.
The Clerk had spoke to the parishioner living immediately next to the signs and she was positive about the project. The Highways Engineer had agreed the scheme and had recommended the PC applies for a Highways Partnership Grant in 2018-19. After discussion it was agreed to go ahead and the Clerk was instructed to submit an application for a grant.
(b) To receive update re the restoration of the pond in Beach Lane
The Clerk had no further news from the Norfolk Rivers Trust or the Norfolk Coast Partnership. It was agreed the Clerk continues to try and progress this matter and also contact the Norfolk Community Foundation regarding grant aid.
(c) To consider matters from APM (speeding & dangers to pedestrians on bridge
The Chair had no further news regarding this matter. Pictures showing parking congestion on the road adjacent to the station were shown to members and PF agreed to forward these to the General Manager of the Nth Norfolk Steam Railway to help illustrate the problems with parking at Weybourne Station.

(d) To receive update re white lines at western end of Station Rd & Church Street
The Clerk informed members that NCC Highways had placed the white line for Station Road “on their system”. The Clerk had not received a reply regarding extending the white line outside Hydrangea Cottage and Sarah Butikofer (NCC) would follow this up.
(e) To note alterations & repairs to Bus Shelter.
It was reported that the work on the bus shelter looked good with the roof alterations improving the overall appearance of the building. The Chair confirmed this and RG proposed a letter of thanks be sent to Mr.Hay-Smith; agreed.

7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)
The Clerk reported the CPRE meeting concerning housing targets etc.. to be held in North Walsham on 7/11/17 (7.15pm). Noted.

8. Allotments:
(a) To receive report re allotments (RW)
RW gave his report and requested that a letter be sent to parishioners who had vacated their plot but had left a chicken-run and other items which would need attention before new occupiers could take over that plot. Members instructed the Clerk to write to those concerned.
(b) To further consider overgrown footpath at the west end of the allotments.
Only one quotation had been received to carry out this work (Edward Farrow – £75). Members instructed the Clerk to ask him to proceed.

9. Village Hall:
(a) To receive report re Village Hall (PF)
PF reported that various works had been carried out (porch painted and window renewed) and the committee continued to carry our repairs and improvements with the next project being the refurbishment of the toilets.
(b) To consider request for financial assistance towards the car park resurfacing.
PF and DH declared an interest but with no costs being available the matter was again carried forward.

10. Cemetery & Churchyard:
(a) To note damage & receive update re churchyard wall.
The Clerk informed members that the builders (Medlers), whose lorry struck the wall, had agreed to cover the cost of what appeared to be minor repairs and the Clerk was still awaiting the builders (R.J.Bacon) to carry out the work.
(b) To further consider weed problem in the main cemetery path.
RW reported that a local contractor had agreed to carry out this work and the initial spraying would cost approx. £40. Noted.

11. Harry Dawson Playing Field:
(a) To receive report re HDPF (PT).
PT had nothing to report other than the field had been well used.
(b) To receive update re letter received re land adjacent to 36, Beck Close.
The Clerk had nothing further to report.

12. Weybourne Community Fund: To receive report re WCF (RW)
RW reported another successful fun-day and although the weather had been poor earlier in the day he thought that moving the event to Mid-August was a good idea.

13. Governance Matters; (a) Financial regulations. (b) meeting with parishioner
(a) Copies of the new Financial Regulations were still being considered by members and the matter was carried forward to the next meeting.
(b) P.Hinson was invited to speak and he expressed various concerns, including the accounts, regarding the PC which the Chair thought was difficult to deal with at one meeting, and therefore he was invited to write to the council listing the points he wished to raise.

14. To receive General Correspondence.
Nothing received.

15. Public Participation (comments/other matters)
It was queried whether Dong Energy could carry out work at night, thereby causing less disruption, if Hornsea Project Three Windfarm went ahead.

16. To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items
This was confirmed for Wednesday, 4th October, 2017 – 7.30pm.
PG offered his apologies in advance.

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