WPC Minutes June 2017

Weybourne Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on
Wednesday, 7th June, 2017 (7.30pm) at the Village Hall, Weybourne.

Present: Pat Floyd (Chair), Walter Wood, Peter Gallally, Penny Taylor, Janice Rose, and the Clerk. Also present were Sarah Butikofer (NCC) and PC.Gower-Smith.


1a. To receive and consider apologies
Apologies were received and accepted from Ruth Gallally, Robin Woodhouse, and Andy Crawford. Apologies were also received from D.Young (NNDC).

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on Agenda items
The Chair declared a non-prejudicial interest in 9(b) relating to the village hall.

1c. To receive update and consider vacancy
A further application had been received and it was agreed to have an informal chat with each of the applicants after the July meeting. The Clerk would write to the two applicants accordingly.

2. To approve the minutes of the meeting held 3/5/17.
The minutes, which had already been circulated, were agreed as a true record.

3a. Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items)
No members of the public present.

3b. To receive reports from County & District Councillors.
*** D.Young (NNDC) emailed his report to members :- (a) Richard Shepherd had been appointed Chairman of NNDC for the coming year, with Roy Reynolds being his Vice-Chair. (b) pre-application advice on planning matters; no longer 15 minute free advice from a duty officer but a written response to be delivered within 10 working days of an on-line application (c) new facilities on the west promenade at Cromer opened on 2/6/17 (d) provisional figures for the 2016/17 out-turn indicated a surplus of £671k which would be transferred to reserves (e) new procurement process to be put in place regarding the waste management contract due for renewal in 2019.
(f) £30k allocated to finance the cost of developing proposals for Splash in Sheringham (g) clearance of shingle on the car park was progressing (h) public enquiry re camp site amenity block at The Barn, Bolding Way on 20/6/17.
*** S.Butikofer (NCC) reported briefly on (a) quiet period at NCC because of the build up to the elections (b) she has been appointed to the Communities Board and the Police & Crime Panel.
SB was thanked by members and left the meeting at this point.

3c. To receive Police Report.
PC.Gower-Smith informed members that he or a PCSO would attend as many meetings as possible but the written reports, covering, 26 parishes, were the only type of report now available. A breakdown of the statistics, covering the parish of Weybourne, would be given verbally if an officer attended. Crime statistics had been standardised. He also gave a warning re travellers selling cheap goods on door steps.
4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment:-
P.Bullimore £248.69 (clerks salary), HMRC £62.20 (tax on clerks salary)
Weybourne V.Hall £22.50 (hire of hall), P.Bullimore £33.45 (clerks expenses)
E-on £51.39 (electricity – lights), E.Farrow £45.00 (VAS mtce),
Secret Gardens £76.00 (grass cutting), Norse East Ltd £320.84 (HDPF mtce).
*** The payments, as scheduled on the agenda and listed above, were approved.
(b) To consider renewal of Insurance for 2017/18.
The parish council brokers (Came & Co) had recommended the “Inspire” insurance via AXA. Details had been circulated to members and it was agreed to accept this recommendation and proceed with Inspire and also take the three year option at a premium of £881.82 thereby being a saving on last year. The Clerk would instruct Came & Co. accordingly.
(c) To approve the Governance Statement & Accounts to 31/3/17.
The Clerk had circulated paper copies as well as emailing members all the appropriate papers and accounts. Members had no questions and duly approved (i) the Governance Statement (ii) the accounts and Annual Return. (Prop: PT, Sec: JR). The Chair duly signed both documents which were witnessed by the Clerk. All the information would be posted to the PC Website along with a notice regarding electors rights. The notice would also be placed on the notice board.

5. Planning:
(a) To note information/decisions received from NNDC since last meeting
The following were noted :-
PF/17/0185; Demolition of Bungalow & Erectn of dwelling at Beach Lane. – permit
PF/17/0472; Erectn of Extn at High Bank, The Street – permit.
PF/17/0194; New access & 2m high wall at 25, Pine Walk – permit.
PF/17/0381; Single storey side/rear extn + increased roof height, 25 Pine Walk permit
Appeal re The Barn, Bolding Way; public enquiry on 20/6/17 (NNDC – 10am)
(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda was printed.
None received.
(c) To receive & consider update re 25 & 25a Pine Walk.
There was nothing further to report (per email from D.Young)
(d) To note/consider the new Windfarm cable route (PF)
There was no further news – a further report/consultation was expected in September.
(e) To review/consider Affordable Housing
A site opposite the Muckleburgh Collection had been rejected by NNDC but a further site on Station Rd looked more promising. The parish council was in favour of trying to develop this scheme and the Clerk was instructed to write to the NNDC Housing Officer accordingly.
(f) PF/17/0663; To note PC decision (Extn/Balcony at Field Hse, Sheringham Rd
Using the new PC policy on planning applications with a consultation expiry date “in between meetings” the decision had been “no objections”. Noted.

6. Highways & Footpath matters:
(a) To consider re-positionng of 30mph signs nr. Cemetery on A149 (AC).
It was agreed to put this matter before the NCC Highways Engineer.


(b) To consider reviewing the restoration of the pond in Beach Lane
The Clerk read an updated report from the Norfolk Rivers Trust Manager and asked members to consider whether they wished to resurrect this project which they had previously shelved when withdrawing their grant application to assist the Village Hall Committee with theirs. “Community Payback”, as had been suggested at the Annual Parish Meeting, appeared not to be suitable as the pond work was for large machinery and not general labour. After discussion the Clerk was asked to obtain estimates for the work involved in order that a further grant application could be considered.
(c) To consider matters from APM (speeding & dangers to pedestrians on bridge
These matter would be referred to the NCC Highways Engineer (as 6a) at a meeting to be arranged.
(d) To consider/sign the party wall notice re Bus Shelter & Abbey Farm
After the Clerk gave details and read the notice to members it was agreed that it be signed and returned to the surveyors immediately. An email from N.Smith indicating the work to be carried out, regarding roof tiles and flintwork, was noted and appreciated.

7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)
Members noted the Nfk Coast Partnership Conference on 12/7/17 at Blakeney.

8. Allotments:
(a) To receive report re allotments (RW)
RW had offered his apologies.

9. Village Hall:
(a) To receive report re Village Hall (PF)
PF reported that various re-decoration works had been carried out and the new doors were in place. The committee were hoping to go ahead with LED lighting and are also seeking grant aid for a new floor.
(b) To consider request for financial assistance towards the car park resurfacing.
The Clerk read the letter from the Treasurer of the Village Hall Committee seeking financial assistance for resurfacing the car park. Members agreed to carry this matter forward to the next meeting.

10. Cemetery & Churchyard:
(a) To note condition of the churchyard.
It was agreed that the churchyard had been left in good condition by the contractors following the recent work. It was also noted that Father Phil Blamire was happy with the work.

11. Harry Dawson Playing Field:
(a) To receive report re HDPF (PT).
PT had nothing to report and a copy of the HDPF AGM minutes would be circulated.
(b) To receive update/ consider letter received re land adjacent to 36, Beck Cl
As previously, this matter was treated as confidential and dealt with at the end of the meeting, although no members of the public were present. The Clerk read the solicitors letter to members and they agreed with the solicitors advice and instructed the Clerk to inform him accordingly.
12. Weybourne Community Fund: To receive report re WCF (RW)
RW had offered his apologies. WW reported that the Country Fayre had gone very well.

13. To start review of Governance Matters – Standing Orders.
The Clerk suggested that in view of the revised standing orders being 22 pages long it would be wise to leave their approval and adoption to the next meeting when members would have had sufficient time to go through them. This was agreed.

14. To consider joining the Norfolk Parish Training Partnership
Experienced clerks had left Norfolk ALC and formed “Norfolk Parish Training & Support” following concerns that the NALC service was not as it should be. It was agreed to join the new organisation, as well as NALC, in order that the clerk had sufficient service and back-up. This would be reviewed next spring when subscriptions were due again.

15. To receive General Correspondence.
It was noted the change of name from AWA to Anglian Water Business Ltd.

16. Public Participation (comments/other matters)
No members of the public present.

17. To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items.
This was confirmed for Wednesday, 5th July, 2017 – 7.30pm.

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