WPC Minutes April 2017

Weybourne Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday,
5th April, 2017 at the Village Hall, Weybourne. – 7.30pm.

Present: Peter Gallally (Chair), Ruth Gallally, Robin Woodhouse, Pat Floyd, Andy Crawford, Penny Taylor, and the Clerk. Also present were D.Young (NNDC) and five members of the public.

*** The Clerk had just received JR’s resignation as Chairman. It was agreed that PG takes the Chair for this meeting.

1a. To receive and consider apologies
Apologies were received and accepted from J.Rose and Walter Wood. Apologies were also received from M.Baker (NCC).

1b. To receive Declarations of Interest on Agenda items
No declarations made.

1c. To receive update and consider vacancy
An advert had been placed on the notice board but the Clerk had nothing further to report. It was agreed to place an advert in the Holt Chronicle.

2. To approve the minutes of the meeting held 1/3/17.
The minutes, which had already been circulated, were agreed as a true record.

3a. Public Participation (requests to speak on agenda items)
A parishioner requested to speak on item 5f.

3b. To receive reports from County & District Councillors.
*** D.Young (NNDC) reported on the following :- (a) NNDC had agreed to challenge the latest Bodham Wind Turbine decision in the High Court (b) the Cabinet had recently agreed some public space protection orders (c) sites needed to be found for affordable housing thereby using Community Housing Funds (d) Dong Energy had arranged for a consultation meeting on 19/4/17 regarding the cable route (e) the Norfolk Community Foundation deadline for grant applications was 29/4/17.

3c. To receive Police Report.
No written report for the parish had been received. It was agreed the Clerk writes to the Holt SNT to enquire as to whether it was possible to receive the parish crime statistics as in the past.

4. Finance:
(a) To approve invoices for payment:-
P.Bullimore £248.69 (clerks salary), HMRC £62.20 (tax on clerks salary)
Weybourne V.Hall £15.00 (hire of hall), P.Bullimore £31.89 (clerks expenses)
E-on £43.85 (electricity – lights), C.Goodwin £50.00 (re website), J.Green Payroll Services £70.00, Blyth & Wright £69.99 (mirror), T.Jones Elect £52.85 (light mtce)
*** The payments, as scheduled on the agenda, plus one other payment, were approved. The other payment was to P.Bullimore in the sum of £359.10 (Hol.pay)
5. Planning:
(a) To note information/decisions received from NNDC since last meeting
The following were noted :-
PF/14/0925; Wind Turbine, Pond Fm, Bodham; an appeal against refusal was allowed
(see further update at D.Young’s report – 3b)
(b) To consider planning applications received since agenda was printed.
PF/17/0472; Erectn of rear & side extns at Highbank, The Street.
It was agreed “no objections” to this application.
(c) To receive update re listing buildings.
It was agreed to remove this item from the agenda
(d) To receive & consider update re 25 & 25a Pine Walk.
D.Young (NNDC) reported the following :- PF/16/0785 & ENF/16/0044 – Garage extension at 25a; an appeal against refusal had been received. A Planning Inspector would be studying all relevant information before making a decision. Referring to the rooflights application DY stated that officers were mindful to approve (rooflights elsewhere in Priory Walk would probably get approval). PF/17/0381; DY stated that the applicant wants to match up the rendering on 25 and 25a (see item 5g).
(e) To note update re Community Housing Fund
D.Young (NNDC) updated members on the CHF and reiterated that land, suitable as an exception site, was required in Weybourne.
(f) To note/consider the new Windfarm cable route (PF)
The meeting was adjourned to allow a parishioner to speak on this matter. Living in Beach Lane, and hearing that the cable route would be east of the car park, she expressed concerns re noise, vibrations, and disruption to those living in the immediate area. She based her view on her experiences recently when the company concerned drilled trial boreholes. Re-opening the meeting it was stated that the cable route was yet to be decided and the consultation day on 19/4/17 might provide more information. PF thought that parishioners should get the backing of the PC, who should make a stand if the parishioners information was correct. It was agreed that members would attend the scheduled meeting on 19/4/17
(g) PF/17/0381; Erectn of Extn & increased roof height; 25, Pine Walk.
Following DY’s statement earlier regarding this application it was agreed that the PC, (assuming this related to the rendering of the brickwork and no other changes), had no objections.

6. Highways & Footpath matters:
(a) To further consider neglected gardens in the village.
PF expressed concerns regarding who decides what is a neglected garden and thought this matter should be removed from the agenda. D.Young (NNDC) said that a satisfactory result had been achieved by NNDC officers following a visit to a property in question and showed pictures to members of the “cleared garden”. Members were pleased with this result and removed the item from the agenda.

7. Meetings & Conferences (to receive reports and announcements)
As already reported there is a consultation meeting at the NNDC offices on 19/4/17 when Dong Energy will give a presentation and answer questions from invited parish councils who are directly involved with the wind-farm cable route. The Clerk asked for as many members as possible to attend this meeting starting at 6pm.
8. Allotments:
(a) To receive report re allotments (RW)
RW reported that the allotments were looking tidy as the planting season progresses. Tenants have asked whether the PC would contribute to the cost of a skip to remove rubbish from the gardens – agreed. It was noted that there was still one tenants rent outstanding

9. Village Hall:
(a) To receive report re Village Hall (PF)
PF reported that grant applications were still being submitted for various projects and there would be a fund raising craft fair on 8/4/17 at the village hall.

10. Cemetery & Churchyard:
(a) To review/consider the state of the main cemetery path
The Clerk had brought this back to the agenda as requested by members many months ago and he reported that the contractor had appeared to have rectified the weed problem on the main path. The contractor would continue to treat the path regularly with weed-killer. The Clerk pointed out that the contractor had not submitted an invoice for extra materials.
(b) To note letter re the new church gates from the Parochial Church Council.
Two communications from Peter Beer representing the Parochial Church Council had been received in respect of the churchyard :- (a) donation of gates by Mr.C.Hay-Smith
(b)restoration/repair of the south gate piers; further donation from Mr.Hay-Smith.

11. Harry Dawson Playing Field:
(a) To receive report re HDPF (PT).
PT reported that their maintenance man had been carrying out minor repairs etc.. and there had been a good bingo fund raiser.
(b) To receive update/ consider letter received re land adjacent to 36, Beck Close.
This had been taken as confidential at the end of the meeting when members of the public were excluded. Following receipt of advice from Eastlaw (NNDC) it was agreed to reject the claim for an easement and the solicitor would be instructed to write accordingly.
(c) To confirm Norse Grounds Maintenance Contract
It was agreed to accept the 3 year contract. Members were pleased with their work.

12. Weybourne Community Fund: To receive report re WCF (RW)
RW reported that the Easter Egg Hunt was coming up and the quiz night appeared to be successful. RW spoke of a wedding reception to be held on the field soon.

13. To note review of all Governance Matters (standing orders, financial reg etc)
The Clerk informed members that Governance matters needed reviewing as they had not been looked at since his first term as clerk. These included standing orders, financial regs., risk assessments, communication strategy, code of conduct etc…
He reminded members that WPC was an elected body with powers granted by Parliament and funded by the council tax payers. As a corporate body it must be seen to operate correctly and legally.

14. To consider date & arrangements for the Annual Parish Meeting.
It was agreed to hold the APM before the next PC meeting i.e. Wed.3rd May, 2017.
It was agreed to start at 7pm and refreshments would be served. The Clerk would arrange for a large notice to be displayed on the notice board and flyers, advertising the event, would be delivered to households.

15. To receive General Correspondence (not included in agenda items above)
The following was noted :- E-on letter re increase in electricity charges for street lighting (Clerk to investigate), NNDC letter re continuation of cemetery bin collection. (noted)

16. Public Participation (comments/other matters)
The following was raised :-
(a) report from PT re spotlights seen in the night sky (apparently from B/Regis circus)
(b) AC spoke of what was probably a rumour regarding a land-based wind turbine
(c) RW spoke of rubble being deposited on the cliff path nr.Coastguard Cotts.
(d) RW spoke of damaged fencing either side of Beach Lane.
(e) PF, stating that she was acting as a member of the public, spoke of private family business and introduced a petition that she was hoping people would sign after the meeting. This was not a parish council matter and the Chair moved on.

17. To confirm date of next meeting – future agenda items.
This was confirmed for Wednesday, 3rd May, 2017.
The PC meeting would follow the Parish Meeting which starts at 7pm.
Election of Chair would be the first item of PC business.

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